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Pure Orange Syrup (12 fl. oz.)) – Hunter's Homegrown
Pure Orange Syrup (12 fl. oz.))

Pure Orange Syrup (12 fl. oz.))

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Enjoy the bright refreshing flavor of our 100% Pure Orange Syrup

Our 100 % Pure Orange Syrup is made from Organic Navel Oranges that we grow ourselves. And we use the entire orange, which is cut up and simmered in light syrup made with water and 100% pure cane sugar.

Just three ingredients...pure and simple... 100% fresh organic navel oranges, pure cane sugar and water... that's it! No artificial colors, flavors, preservatives,  G.M.O.'s or glutens.

Our syrup captures the pure essence of fresh oranges. That’s because it retains all of its natural flavor and color which is extracted from the orange oil, zest and all the juice as well.

How do I use your syrup? 

Well, we leave that up to your unlimited imagination?  But here's some suggestions. Just shake your jar well before each use, as the natural pectin which thickens the syrup may have separated. Then use it as a condiment on anything from pancakes and waffles to hot cereal, coffee, tea, sparkling water, and cocktails. Pour it over ice cream; use it in milkshakes or homemade ice cream. Drizzle it on cakes, pastries and other desserts. Use it as a barbecue glaze on chicken, ribs or salmon. Doctor it up with your favorite spices or herbs or add it to your favorite BBQ sauce. Let your imagination be your guide, and please send us your recipes and well share them on our web page!                                             

No preservatives, artificial flavors or colors, G.M.O. and gluten free. 

Shake jar well before using. Refrigerate after opening.             



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